State Captain Resources

NELA will provide State Captains resources and support in coordinating and scheduling Hill Visits. Serving as a State Captain is very rewarding and fun, but not time intensive.

Summary of State Captain Responsibilities
  • Contact participants (from your own state) to determine everyone’s availability and connections to Congress. To facilitate communications between the State Captain and participants, State Captains will be provided with a list of Lobby Day participants from their state, along with email addresses and “grasstop” connection information, if appropriate.
  • Request Hill Visits 2-3 weeks in advance of Lobby Day using NELA’s sample letters for House and Senate offices, and a NELA-provided list of schedulers with their email addresses.
  • Confirm Hill Visits by entering by submitting an online Hill Visit Schedule Form.
  • Seek personal stories from your state/district about why the Arbitration Fairness Act of 2013 (AFA) and the Civil Justice Tax Fairness Act of 2013 (CJTFA) need to be enacted and how they would alleviate problems under current law.
  • Coordinate with NELA’s Washington Office to ensure that participants receive all pertinent information.
Please contact Julie Strandlie at or (202) 898-2880, ext. 115 should you have any questions, need assistance, or if would like to be a State Captain.