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NELA Members are encouraged to upload briefs, jury instructions, and other sample pleadings. You can upload documents in several different formats including Word, PDF, audio files, video, or hyperlinks to other sites. PDF documents are indexed and the content is included in searches. Please be sure to tag your documents accordingly. Tags allow for quicker sorting when returning search results. Documents without tags will still be included in searches, but may be towards the bottom of the results.

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NELA (36 entries) 

This Library contains reports, news releases, and other communications regarding NELA's advocacy efforts.

NELA Amicus Briefs (51 entries) 

As part of fulfilling our mission to promote the interests of individual employees and assisting the lawyers who represent them, NELA files amicus curiae (friend of the court) briefs in virtually all U.S. Supreme Court cases involving employment and civil rights-related legal issues, and in many U.S. Courts of Appeal cases throughout the country.

NELA Member Services (8 entries) 

This library contains forms, brochures, and flyers regarding NELA membership benefits and services.

Stop Federal Rules Changes (6 entries) 

This is the library for the Stop Federal Rules Changes Member Created Community