Can I Begin A New Discussion Via My Email Client?
Yes! You can now use the email client of your choice to participate on The NELA Exchange. If you want to reply to an ongoing discussion, simply hit the Reply button on your email. If you want to begin a new discussion, please send an email to one of the following email addresses. Please note you cannot change the Subject line of an ongoing discussion to begin a new one.

 MASSNELA (Must be Affiliate Member)
 Michigan MELA (Must be Affiliate Member)
 NE NELA (Must be Affiliate Member)
 NELA St. Louis (Must be Affiliate Member)
 NELA-AL (Must be Affiliate Member)
 Nevada Employment Lawyers Association (Must be Affiliate Member)
 WPELA (Must be Affiliate Member)
 Class and Collective Actions
 Employee Benefits
 Ethics and Sanctions Issues
 Federal Employees
 Forced Arbitration
 Law Practice Management
 Low Wage Workers
 Other Statutes
 Summary Judgment
 Trial Advocacy
 Wage & Hour
 Open Forum
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