Gala Fundraiser

The Power Of NELA ~ Vision ● Inspiration ● Passion
NELA’s 30th Anniversary Gala Fundraiser
Honoring The Founding Leaders Of NELA

Friday, June 26, 2015
8:00–11:30 p.m.
Westin Peachtree Plaza
Atlanta, GA
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We have influenced life in America—our organization. There is no question that the work of our lawyers has made an impact on employees, workers all over the country. For a little organization, that’s something to be proud of.

—Paul H. Tobias, NELA Founder & First Executive Director

For 30 years, NELA has cultivated the vision, inspiration, and passion of the best lawyers in the country—our family of thousands of employee rights advocates—and together we are an unstoppable force that continues to make real change for America’s workers. The commitment of NELA members to the cause of employee rights and the generosity with which they share their time, energy, talents, and other resources are our greatest strengths. The Power Of NELA is felt every day by individual working people, as well as in our nation’s capital and courtrooms as we advance equality and justice in the American workplace.

You are cordially invited to join the NELA Family on the evening of Friday, June 26 for our 30th Anniversary Gala Fundraiser. We will celebrate The Power Of NELA by honoring our founding leaders, the women and men whose vision, inspiration, and passion led to the creation of the Plaintiff Employment Lawyers Association (PELA) in March 1985, now known as NELA. The employee rights advocates who launched PELA—including Naida B. Axford,
Joseph A. Golden, Steven G. Heikens, William J. Holloway, Penny Nathan Kahan, Michael J. Leech, Jean Klingensmith Mills, Michael G. Okun, Wayne N. Outten, Cliff Palefsky, Barry D. Roseman, and Paul H. Tobias—believed that the fledging organization would level the playing field for plaintiffs’ employment lawyers and their clients. Thirty years later, NELA and its members have transformed the landscape of employment law by protecting and expanding
the rights of workers.

The Power Of NELA will be a festive gathering as we revel in our collective accomplishments of the past 30 years before launching into the opportunities and challenges of NELA’s next 30 years. After a brief ceremony, we will enjoy an evening of dancing, socializing, and fun. Music will be provided by Moon Dance, a popular Atlanta-based band.

We welcome your support of The Power Of NELA. As a sponsor of our 30th Anniversary Gala Fundraiser, you will fuel NELA’s Amicus, Judicial Nominations, and Legislative & Public Policy Programs, including the initiatives of our Washington DC Office. Thanks to our past Gala sponsors, NELA has reached its 30th anniversary at the forefront of major issues that affect employees, such as promoting tax fairness for workers in employment and civil rights cases, opposing forced arbitration of employment disputes, and advocating for an independent federal judiciary that reflects the rich experiential diversity of the legal community and that does not place the interests of employers over the rights of employees.

Among other benefits, sponsors will be listed in the Commemorative Gala Fundraiser Program, NELA’s 2015 Annual Convention Program Guide, and on the Gala Fundraiser Sponsorship Board at the Convention. Pre-event sponsors will be included in the invitation if your sponsorship pledge is received by Friday, April 24, 2015. Sponsorships are tax-deductible as a business expense (advertising).

Sponsorship Opportunities

Thank You For Your Vision, Inspiration, Passion
And Support Of NELA’s Advocacy Work In DC & Across The Country

Bernstein & Lipsett, PC
Nichols Kaster, PLLP
Passman & Kaplan, PC

Founder’s Circle
Sue Ellen Eisenberg & Associates, PC
Haynes & Haynes, PC
Texas Employment Lawyers Association
The Texas FLSA Posse – J. Derek Braziel,
Richard J. (Rex) Burch & David L. Kern

President’s Cabinet

Barrett & Farahany, LLP
The Buckley Law Firm, LLC
California Employment Lawyers Association
Terisa E. Chaw & James A. Hendriksen
Colorado PELA
Dickson Geesman LLP
Donelon, PC
The Employment Law Group, PC
The Gillam Law Firm
Goldstein, Borgen, Dardarian & Ho/Barry & Sandy Goldstein
Greenblatt, Pierce, Engle, Funt & Flores, LLC
Goldstein, Borgen, Dardarian & Ho/
Barry & Sandy Goldstein
LexisNexis Matthew Bender
Massachusetts Employment Lawyers Association
Metropolitan Washington Employment
Lawyers Association
Pitt McGehee Palmer & Rivers PC
Robin Potter & Associates, PC
Schall & Barasch, LLC
Tobias, Torchia & Simon


Alliance for Justice
Bogas, Koncius & Croson, PC
Butler Royals, PLC
Cashdan & Kane, PLLC
Casper & de Toledo LLC
Chavez & Gertler LLP
Collins & Hunter, PLLC
Correia & Puth, PLLC
Donati Law, PLLC
Eighth Circuit NELA
James M. Finberg & Melanie M. Piech
Garrison, Levin-Epstein, Richardson, Fitzgerald & Pirrotti, PC
Heikens Law Practice
Heller, Huron, Chertkof & Salzman
Kansas City NELA
King & Greisen, LLP
King Holloway LLC
Law Offices of Mark Allen Kleiman
Lewis, Feinberg, Lee & Jackson, PC
Law Offices of Larry Mann
Mehri & Skalet, PLLC
The Meyers Law Firm, PC
Miller O'Brien Jensen, PA
NELA-Eastern Pennsylvania
New Hampshire NELA
The Popham Law Firm, PC
Ritz Clark & Ben-Asher LLP
Rodgers, Powers & Schwartz, LLP
St. Louis NELA
Roberta L. Steele
Virginia Employment Lawyers Association
Thomas A. Warren Law Offices, PL
Webster & Fredrickson PLLC
Werman Salas PC
Law Offices of Christopher H. Whelan, Inc.
Wilkinson Law Firm, PC


Ates Law Firm, PC
Noelle Brennan & Associates, Ltd.
Law Offices of Kathleen Cahill, LLC
Connecticut Employment Lawyers Association
Dobson, Goldberg, Berns & Rich, LLP
Eisenberg & Schnell, LLP
Law Office of William H. Ewing
Fechter Mediation & Arbitration Services, LLC
Fiedler & Timmer PLLC
Hill & Associates, PC
Jeffrey S. Hynes & Associates, SC
The Impact Fund
Denise J. Knecht
Law Offices of David L. Lee
Michael J. Leech/Talk Sense Mediation
Lieff, Cabraser, Heimann & Bernstein, LLP
McNamara, Roseman & Kazmierski, LLP
Neyhart, Anderson, Flynn & Grosboll
Ohio Employment Lawyers Association
Rebecca L. Salawdeh
The Sanford Firm
Law Office of Richard T. Seymour, PLLC
Sture Legal Services, LLC
Western Pennsylvania Employment
Lawyers Association


Law Offices of Ronald P. Ackerman
Law Office of John P. Batson
Bennett & Belfort PC
Bernabei & Wachtel, PLLC
Beranbaum Menken LLP
Law Offices of Scot D. Bernstein, A Professional Corporation
Butler & Harris
Lawrence R. Chaban, Esq.
Jac A. Cotiguala & Associates
Wade B. Cowan
Brian East
Charlotte Fishman & Alan W. Sparer
Frumkin & Hunter LLP
Colleen Goodin
Green Savits, LLC
John W. Griffin
Caryn Groedel and Associates Co., LPA
Charles E. Guerrier
Leah A. Hofkin
Hyderally & Associates, PC
Daniel B. Kohrman & Marie-Therese Connolly
David Lichtenstein
Maine Employment Lawyers Association
Karen Maoki
Paul H. Merry
Jamie G. Miller, Esq.
NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, Inc.
Nareeya & J.P. Nalivka
Newkirk Zwagerman PLC
Victoria W. Ni & David K. Shim
Rosemary Orsini
Kathryn S. Piscitelli
Arthur T. Schofield, PA
Smith Himmelmann
Sweeney & Bechtold, LLC
Geraldine Sumter

Tammy Edwards
Ruth Eisenberg, Harmon, Curran, Spielberg & Eisenberg, LLP
Gallup Law
Gasiorek, Morgan, Greco, McCauley & Kotzian, PC
Gender Equality Law Center
Law Office of Anne Glennon
Michael J. Hoare, PC
NELA Hawaii
Patty Losacker
Law Office of Gwyn P. Newsom, LLC
Ogden Law Offices, PC
Pontikes Law LLC
John D. Saxon, PC
Alan H. Schorr & Associates, PC
Henry F. Sherrod III, PC
Bill Tamayo

Sponsors as of April 22 2015.