Mark P. Carey

Attorney at Law,
Carey & Associates, PC
71 Old Post Road
Suite One
Southport, CT

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Attorney at Law,
Carey & Associates, PC
71 Old Post Road
Suite One
Southport, CT 06890


I have the privilege of exploring new work and career challenges my clients are experiencing on a daily basis. I collaborate with clients to find workable and cost sensitive solutions to contract disputes, severance negotiations, general employment conflicts and office politics, wages, compensation and discrimination, without resort to litigation.

In my role as the employment attorney I wear many hats. I am the coach that provides the leadership, skills and direction in handling sensitive work issues. I am the client's personal Human Resource Director, providing quick answers regarding company policies, benefits and compensation. I also act as the counselor, listening without judgment and providing an objective response based on the facts and client's reasonable expectations. I am the task master, in that I handle each and every aspect of litigation and appellate work. Finally, I am the story teller of my client's personalized narrative to the Court and the jury.

I empower clients to embrace new work and career challenges that exist just slightly outside their comfort zones. I believe growth and adversity are good for the soul. Finally, the playing field of work is always level, it just depends on your perception and where you derive your knowledge of how to succeed.

Finally, I believe in the power of networking, that's why I am a LinkedIn Open Networker. Please feel free to connect with me using my email address: Thank you.


University of Dayton School of Law
JD, 1996

Syracuse University
Political Science/Pre-Law, 1990

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Mark P. Carey, P.C.
January 1997 - present