NELA St. Louis is an organization of lawyers who advocate for employees seeking protection and justice in their disputes with employers.

Our members practice primarily in the St. Louis metropolitan area, but we welcome lawyers from throughout the state of Missouri as well as southwest Illinois. Our goal is to help each other and our clients by sharing our collective knowledge and resources, united in our efforts to protect and advance employee rights. 

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If you have questions about NELA St. Louis, please contact us by email at nelastlouis@gmail.com.

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Membership in NELA St. Louis is open to any lawyer who subscribes to NELA’s purpose and certifies that 60% of their employment-related legal work  - and the employment-related legal work of the firm with which they are affiliated – is on behalf of employees and is not contrary to the mission and purpose of NELA and its affiliates. 

Tax Status

Because NELA St. Louis is a 501(c)(6) organization, dues paid by members cannot be deducted on their tax returns as a charitable contribution. Instead, dues may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense, except for the portion of the dues that is allocable to lobbying and political activities. The Executive Board should determine during its August meeting what portion of the dues may be used for lobbying and political activities, and the bottom part of the dues invoice should be updated to indicate that amount. The Executive Board of NELA St. Louis estimates that approximately 30% of our expenditures may relate to lobbying and/or political activities. 

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