The landscape for protecting workers in wage and hour cases is ever-evolving. If you want to learn more about how to effectively litigate your case and prepare for the defenses du jour in court or in arbitration (or simultaneously in both), or want to connect with other wage and hour practitioners to strategize, then Epic Advocacy: Protecting Wages In Litigation & Arbitration is perfect for you. Hear from experienced panelists about the hottest wage and hour topics, with a focus on arbitration issues.

$625 Members
$525 Legal Services/Public Interest/Government Staff Attorneys and Paraprofessionals
$275 Law Student
$375 Friday (Members Only)
$375 Saturday (Members Only)

$875 Non-Members

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Plenary Sessions Include:

  • Key Cases & Shifting Grounds in The FLSA
  • Understanding & Preparing To Address Unique And Current Defenses Including Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Arbitration Administrators Hear From NELA Lawyers On The Challenges They Face In Arbitration
  • All Hope Is Not Lost: Post-Epic Litigation Strategies!

Concurrent Sessions To Fit Your Practice:

  • Wage & Hour Litigation Basics
  • Arbitration Case Law Update: Contract Formation & Unconscionability
  • Top Ten Practical ESI Pointers For Wage & Hour Lawyers
  • Independent Contractors: Day Rates, “Salary” Guarantees, And Employee Status
  • Calculating Damages: Views From An Expert, An FRE 1006 Summary Witness, And Lawyers
  • Effectively Managing, Litigating, And Trying Individual Arbitrations
  • Practical Advice For Locating And Communicating With Potential Plaintiffs And Cultivating New Cases Post-Epic Systems
  • Cooperating And Collaborating With Other Plaintiffs’ Counsel In Wage And Hour Cases
  • Representing Low-Wage & Immigrant Workers
  • Embracing A “New Federalism” In The Fight For Workplace Justice