COVID-19 Policy

NELA is committed to holding an in-person Boot Camp—so long as it is possible within public health guidelines.

Because this is a rapidly changing situation, and because we know you will need to commit time, travel expenses* and other resources in advance of October, we will plan on giving you frequent updates as to the status of Gallaudet University and Washington, DC public health guidelines which cover this event.

*You may wish to consider purchasing refundable fare travel tickets. For example, if Washington, DC, were to restrict travel into the city in early November or cancel all public gatherings, we would be required to cancel or re-schedule Boot Camp at the last minute.

For any questions at any time, please contact Ashley A. Westby, Program Manager, or Jeffrey A. Mittman, Executive Director.

COVID-19 Update As Of September 2, 2021

NEW INFORMATION: All attendees will be required to provide proof of vaccination during onsite registration. If you are unable to be vaccinated for medical or religious reasons, please contact Jeffrey Mittman for accommodation.

UPDATED INFORMATION: In accordance with Washington, DC and Gallaudet University policy, masks are required to be worn indoors at all times regardless of vaccination status. Masks are required at all indoor gatherings, including plenary sessions, small group workshops, and mock trials. All food functions will be held outdoors.

COVID-19 Update As Of August 19, 2021

Currently, both Washington, DC and Gallaudet University are mandating masks for all individuals while indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

All attendees will be required to fill out Gallaudet University’s online health assessment and will be denied entry if exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19.

Please note that many off-campus venues in Washington DC (including some restaurants) are currently requiring proof of vaccination for entry.

Please see the following links for more information:

Washington DC Public Health Guidelines
Gallaudet University Public Health Guidelines
Gallaudet University COVID Self-Assessment

Trial Boot Camp COVID-19 Policy

We are all excited to resume NELA in-person events. To do so safely, and as responsible community partners, we must protect the health of Trial Boot Camp attendees, NELA staff, and the workers at the Gallaudet University Kellogg Conference Hotel.

By registering for the NELA 2021 Trial Boot Camp, you agree to the following COVID-19 General Principles and Masking & Social Distancing Requirements, and reaffirm your commitment to keeping NELA a community of respect and care for one another.

General Principles

  • Boot Camp participants will respect the health of fellow participants, NELA staff, and the workers at the Gallaudet University Kellogg Conference Hotel.
  • NELA has booked the entire Gallaudet University Kellogg Conference Hotel, ensuring that NELA 2021 Trial Boot Camp attendees will not be interacting with other conference groups.
  • NELA respects the privacy of attendees’ medical information and will not ask participants to disclose confidential medical information.
  • NELA expects all participants to exhibit respect and understanding towards one another at all times regarding health, safety, mask, and any other needed protocols. No participant should question or remark on the health or mask status of another attendee.
  • As we saw during 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic is a fluid and often changing situation. As such, this policy may be updated in accordance with evolving information or guidance from health, governmental or Gallaudet University sources, including from the CDC or other government agencies. We will be monitoring policies and mandates from the CDC, Washington, DC and the Gallaudet University Kellogg Conference Hotel.

Masking & Social Distancing Requirements

  • In accordance with CDC guidance, all unvaccinated individuals will be required to wear a mask indoors during the NELA 2021 Trial Boot Camp.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals may use their discretion when deciding whether to wear a mask indoors, either for their own comfort, safety, or out of courtesy for fellow attendees.
  • In the event that wearing a mask interferes with the ability of attendees to adequately participate in Saturday’s mock trials, NELA will have face shields on site for those who wish to utilize them.
  • The Gallaudet University Kellogg Conference Hotel has provided us with an outdoor patio space where the evening reception with food and beverages will be served. We ask that unvaccinated individuals who will be maskless while eating and drinking on the patio maintain six feet of distance from others.
  • NELA is working with The Kellogg Conference Hotel to ensure that breakfast and lunch are served in a sanitary manner and both outdoor and socially distanced seating options will be available for attendees who feel uncomfortable eating with other attendees.

We have included links below to the CDC and Washington DC websites for the most up-to-date information about COVID-19.


Washington, DC:

Thank you for your commitment to keeping the NELA community safe and healthy. Please contact Ashley Westby ( if you have any questions.